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Energy Slavery and What it Means to be Human

Two of the cutest energy slaves in cinematic history.

Following last week’s post by Brittany Ederer, Standing Face to Face with Injustice, today we explore what seems to be a quite different topic – our dependence on what some call “energy slaves” – and we discover that the similarities to and connections with human slavery and injustice are deep and real.

Make no mistake:  “Real” human slavery remains a serious issue in our modern world.  By some estimates, there are more slaves today than there were at the height of the slave trade,  perhaps as many as 35 million human beings trapped in some form of slavery.  This is tragic and shameful – and those organizations dedicated to confronting this problem and correcting it are worth noting and supporting. Continue reading

Nature Amnesia and “Body Building”: How the Church might Help

Must be a boring party… Photo used under Creative Commons License.

I was walking from one dorm building to another to meet up with some friends a few winters ago, fresh snow falling thickly as I crossed the courtyard.  I was texting one of these friends when I abruptly collided with a white van…a parked vehicle. I quickly looked around to make sure no one had seen me walk into the van, when I noticed that someone was sitting in the driver’s seat!  I might have imagined it, but I think he was laughing.  Mortified, I hurried away, vowing to pay better attention in the future. Continue reading

Will We Sustain Disruption or Disrupt Sustainability?

“Dude…Disruption? What disruption? My car is right here.” Cars and more were buried  in Buffalo, NY’s November 2014  snow-valanche of 6+ feet.  Image from Huffington Post, click for source.

We live in an age that stumbles and staggers over disruption after disruption. Each year, month, week, day, hour, even minute something new interrupts the normal progress or activity of life and society. Droughts prevent farmers in California from planting and harvesting. New ride services like Uber and Lyft prevent cab companies from getting all the customers they used to in cities large and small. An Ebola epidemic prevents traditional rhythms of embrace and connection in West African communities. A six foot November snowfall prevents travel and commerce in Buffalo, NY.

What does this mean? Will we sustain, that is endure or survive, disruption or will we disrupt sustainability and see disruption keep us from surviving and thriving?  How should we deal with disruptions? Should we, can we, hope to prevent them? Ignore them? Eliminate them? Control them? Reduce Continue reading

A Church, a Smartphone and a Sin that has to stop

2014-09-23 13.13.36A church stands silent, hiding in the woods, surrounded by leaning, moss-covered gravestones, as it has for almost a thousand years. I use my ever-present smartphone to snap pictures of this monument to an ancient faith that still guides my own life. As I seek to capture the mood of the place, I am struck by the juxtaposition of time frames that I am experiencing. The device in my hand, one of the latest Android devices, was only invented a few years ago, and will likely be obsolete and useless within two or three more. Everything about my life changes in a year, often even more quickly, but this place has stood for centuries and will likely be here for centuries more.

The contrast between a church a thousand years old and the smartphone that will last less than two is jarring and disturbing.

Let me explain… Continue reading

A Prayer…

shalomThe Lausanne Movement has just held a Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore India that I was privileged to participate in.  One of the features of the program was ‘interactive sessions’ combining different but related topics.  Mine was called “Pursuing Shalom” and incorporated people and presentations representing Creation Care, Business as Mission, Science and Bioethics, Technology and Integral (or Holistic) Mission.  If your initial reaction is ‘what do these have in common?’ stop and think for a minute:  They represent the biggest challenges facing the human race in general and the church in particular as we move into the future. The end product of six hours of meeting together was nothing more than a prayer… but it is a significant and important prayer: Continue reading

The Great Technology Dance

The following is a guest-post from Tom Rowley of A Rocha USA. A Rocha and Care of Creation partner in various ways in the interest of creation care and Tom blogs regularly at the A Rocha USA website. Here he tackles a fundamental question: How do we dance around the problem of modern technology when almost all the tools we have to deal with creation care issues are, in fact, technological? Enjoy and offer a comment.

This piece started with me feeling rather smug over a major technological breakthrough at our house—namely, setting up the hand-me-down Wii that my sons got for Christmas and then, hold on to your hats, connecting that to Netflix for family movie nights. All without uttering an expletive (at least none that my dear ones heard). Before putting fingers to keyboard, however, the smugness gave way to heartburn over what we had unleashed on ourselves—yet again. Continue reading