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Earth Week 2012 – Two Perspectives

Yesterday was Earth Day, this week is Earth Week.  Many of my creation care friends are in Washington DC right now involved in a number of large scale events that we all hope will have great impact on the environmental and creation care conversation going on in the US in general and within the evangelical community in particular.  I’m not in Washington; I’ve just returned from the bustling metropolis of Arcadia, Florida – where a different kind of and altogether remarkable creation care event took place this weekend.  Let me tell you about it… Continue reading

If we lose the ship? (Part 2)

[This is Part 2 of thoughts coming from my recent visit to the Philippines.  Part 1 is here.]

manila breakout2I’ve been working in the field of environmental stewardship for almost 10 years, and have been presenting the Our Father’s World seminar material in various forms for close to three.  We’ve been in half a dozen states and will be adding several more in the coming year.  The normal subtitle to the seminar is “Why Christians Should Care about the Environmental Crisis”.  It has always seemed to me that this is straight forward enough, given that that is what we’re talking about.  No one who has been to the seminar can or does question the reality:  There is a crisis, it’s real and it’s happening now. Continue reading