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Biblical Wildlife: Do You Know Lions?

Male Asiatic Lion.

Pop quiz: which word appears more frequently in the Bible: grace or lion?

According to a simple search on Biblegateway.com, the word “grace” is used 125 times in Scripture.  “Lion” is used almost as frequently, with 119 occurrences.  Isn’t it fascinating that lions feature so prominently in stories and imagery of the Bible?  The lion must have held a prominent place in the imaginations and memories of the ancient Israelites and Gentiles; otherwise, Continue reading

The mysteries of power…

One of our favorite posts, originally published Jan 15, 2009:

I’m writing this in – actually near – Washington DC, arguably the most “powerful” city in our contemporary world.  It is both the seat of government of what is, for now, the lone superpower on earth.  The city and its surrounding communities are therefore inhabited by people who are powerful because their hands are on the levers of government.  And by many more who influence, or at least who are seeking to influence the former group.

Watching this city go through a power-transition, I’ve made several observations:

Continue reading

A most interesting and subversive Christmas Carol

This post is the Christmas letter my wife and I have just sent out to our friends and financial partners in our ministry.  Suspecting that a few of the regular visitors to Our Father’s World might not be on our distribution list, here are our thoughts this Christmas season.  Note that the first half is a devotional – we’ve been doing this in our letters for at least 15 years – and the second contains brief news about our family.  You are welcome to read both – we’d love to have you meet our family in this way, if not in person!  And feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to be added to the direct distribution list or click here if you would like to partner with us by donating to our ministry.  Our work is mostly provided for my small-ish gifts from ordinary people. –End of Commercial– !


Dear Friends,

Of all the common Christmas carols echoing in shopping malls, elevators and on the radio – not to mention in churches and on our music players – surely the most interesting and subversive is “Joy to the World.” Continue reading

In the news…

Two brief items that deserve to be noted:

Mountain top removal is finally being reviewed by the EPA, with a strong hope and prayer by many that this horrendous practice of blowing up entire mountains for the sake of the coal that lies within them will be stopped.  New York times coverage is here; one of the heroes of the anti-MTR campaign is my friend Al Johnson whose organization, Christians for the Mountains, can be found here.

And this weekend is “Earth Hour” – Saturday at 8:30 pm (your local time whereever you are), turn off the lights for an hour.  It’s small, it’s symbolic – it not make a lot of difference by itself, but I think it’s probably worth participating in.  Its one more small way to say that we’re in this together…