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Video: Hayhoe and Cizik on “Acceptance and Avoidance among Evangelicals

Here’s a video interview from Paris via climatematters.tv and the United Planet Faith & Science Initiative discussing the status of climate attitudes among US evangelicals.  Features a not-so-bad definition of evangelicalism in the first few minutes that might help any readers who are not that familiar with this group.

Runs about 30 minutes, and thanks to the engaging personalities of both Hayhoe and Cizik, very easy to listen too.  Might be worth sharing with others.  (At Care of Creation we have contact information for both of these speakers – let us know if you would like to reach out to either of them.)

Katharine Hayhoe: Letter from Paris – A View from the Inside

Katharine Hayhoe and Emily Powell have sent out a brief “Letter from Paris blog post at the Union of Concerned Scientists blog.  Here’s brief excerpt:

Despite—or perhaps even in part due to—these pressures, at the beginning of the second week, with an on-time delivery of preliminary draft outcomes, there are positive indications that COP21 may still produce the international treaty the world needs and demands. Despite the recent tragedy and the oft-discussed existential despair of climate scientists, the air here is hopeful. Delegates, scientists, concerned observers, students, and many other visitors to the vibrant Climate Generations Area are full of energy and optimism. There’s a lot to do and see here; and while outside we know the impacts of climate change continue unchecked, inside hope pervades.

Read the whole post here.