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Habbakuk, the Caterpillar

NOT the real Habakkuk [courtesy Flickr.org CC Commons License]Today, a guest post from “The Youngest” (my children began a number of years ago identifying themselves by their birth-order… no, I don’t know why!) who is a senior Environmental Ed major at University of Minnesota.  Who knew how amazing the life of an inch long caterpillar could be?  We’re about to find out…


It is my pleasure to announce the newest addition to my household: Habakkuk, the caterpillar. Yes, indeed I did just say that a caterpillar has taken up residence in my house.
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No Place to Move My Feet

One of my intentions at Our Father’s World is to create posts that reflect good writing as well as sound thoughts within the general discussion topic of God, creation and our role in creation.  Donn Ring is a friend I haven’t met yet – a man with an eye for beauty in God’s world and a gift that enables him to convey that beauty in words.  Donn sent this email around yesterday, and I have asked him for permission to post it.  Enjoy!

alpine-lilies-1I went for a walk in Middle Wood to welcome the month of July. This Middle Wood is a special place, but visited by few.

In the montane forests of the wilderness West there are the magnificent old growth giants of the lower valleys and the lofty sub-alpine groves that cluster among the broken mountain meadows that descend from spectacular alpine and tundra heights. Most everyone adores the bottomlands with their crystalline cascading rivers, or the pungent copses of weather twisted fir on the high slopes. Continue reading

The great Wisconsin Robin Watch…


[Update: The robin watch is over.  Duties called us away for four days, and in that time, all three chicks up and flew away.  Bad timing – but the nest remains for use – next year?]

It’s getting a bit more difficult to follow our daily robin hatchling updates, so we’re changing the strategy a bit.  One post, that we will update with an additional picture or two every day.  We’ll keep the latest picture on top to make it easier to keep track of.

Comments are welcome… !

[Latest Update Day 8, 5/29/2009]

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Reply to a questioner – does caring for creation really matter?

We occasionally receive comments through the Care of Creation website ‘contact us’ form wondering exactly what it is we’re talking about.  Some of these comments come from, um, cranks – but others are thoughtful and sincerely questioning.  Environmental stewardship as a central part of Christian ministry is new for a lot of people, and a comment that come through today was in that vein.

A couple of the things our inquirer said:

I have to ask just what is “environmental sin”? If Jesus had wanted this to be our “ministry” wouldn’t He have stated it?  …Do you believe that we can do nothing to stop the “groaning” of creation which is under the curse of sin? …I can definitely see the need to couple the gospel with compassion but to couple it with saving a planet that God says will eventually be destroyed by Him seems…er impractical at best.

I responded as below.  Those of you who have read my book or heard me speak will recognize that this is essentially what I’ve been writing and preaching for at least the last 10 years or so… Continue reading

When you see my farm, you see my soul…

Drive about forty-five minutes northeast from Madison Wisconsin to the town of Columbus. Then go northwest out of town on State Highway 16 and you’ll come to Fountain Prairie farm. Pull into the driveway and park between the house and the barn, step out of your car, and take a look around.

You will quickly realize that this place is different from other farms. You have been driving through farmland for an hour – mile after mile of rows of corn and acres of soybeans. Here you are standing on grass. Grass pasture and prairie stretches from border to border. And you’re looking at some of the most interesting – and beautiful – cows in the state of Wisconsin. Continue reading

An anniversary worth marking

Earth Rise - by Astronaut William Anders (Christmas Eve, 1968)
Earth Rise - by Astronaut William Anders (Christmas Eve, 1968)

One of the most significant anniversaries in human history has just passed, with little notice.

Christmas, 1968 – 40 years ago – Apollo 8 was the first manned space vehicle to completely escape the pull of earth’s gravity, travel to and around the moon and return.  This picture – one of the most famous in the world – is called “Earth Rise” – and captures the view as the Apollo spacecraft came out from behind the moon and back into the view of our home planet.

If you’ve seen the Al Gore slide show or his film, ‘Inconvenient Truth’ you will recall that he begins his presentation with this and one other picture of earth from space.  His point – and it’s a very valid one – is that this event, one of the most unique in human history, represented a particular opportunity for us.  For the first time we could see our world from the outside.  We could see how beautiful it is.  We could see how fragile it is.  We began to realize how really small it is compared to the vast, vast universe we were just beginning to discover.

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