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Called to a Hero’s Journey for Christmas and Creation

At this Christmastime, what hero’s journey are you on? To embark on a classic hero’s journey, one needs to recieve and respond to a call that challenges us to move out of our normal lives – to leave convention and risk transformation. (1)

A traditional nativity scene, iconic even though misleading
A traditional nativity scene, iconic even though misleading, and yes, found in my living room.

So let us pause to reflect on a story filled with heroes’ journeys, the Christmas story. This narrative has come to be iconically represented by the nativity scene. Unfortunately repeated exposure to that traditional image through front yard decorations, table-top sets, holiday cards and Christmas pageants too easily transforms a dynamic adventure into a boring collection of misleading clichés. The traditional nativity scene presents a static tableau. It poses Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, bracketed by ox, ass and lamb, framed by wooden stable, faced by shepherds and wise men, overseen by suspended angel and unmoving star. Frozen and immobile, this scene, this still-frame from Continue reading

Poinsettias – More Than Just a Pretty Plant?

Poinsettia_thumbnailHave you ever wondered why every year around this time, grocery stores are flooded with poinsettias?  It would be strange to see them any other time of the year, but where do they come from, and why are they associated with Christmas?

As it turns out, the plant we know today as the poinsettia has a very interesting history! Native to an area of Southern Mexico known as Taxco de Alarcón, the Aztecs used it for Continue reading

The Best Way to Celebrate Christmas?

The infamous Grinch, who tried to steal Christmas by stealing the decorations and gifts. Click for source.

Christmas is a birthday celebration for Jesus, and wow, do we love to celebrate!  The Christmas songs started around Halloween, as did the decorations of tinsel and garland in all the stores.  Once the snow started flying in mid-November, I knew folks would ramp up the decorating and festive holiday cheeriness.  Twinkle lights of many colors started to show up on trees and on rooftops, porches and patios.  Blow-up Santa Clauses and reindeer and candy canes appeared overnight in lawns.  We love this season, and we love the anticipation of nearly two months of waiting for December 25th.

Is this the best way to celebrate Jesus entering the world he made, and eventually save it by dying on a cross?  I know I’m not the only one who feels like we’re missing something crucial if the Christmas season is reduced to gift-giving, cookie-baking and carol-singing.  Indeed, many Christ-followers Continue reading