The Environmentalist’s Dilemma

The following column, by me,  appears in the January 8, 2009 Wisconsin State Journal:

The present economic crisis poses a dilemma for me.

I’m an environmentalist. And I know that a great deal of the blame for the environmental crisis has to be placed squarely on our culture’s addiction to material goods.

We buy more stuff than we need, we throw out stuff that is perfectly good to replace it with other stuff, and in the process we’re trashing the planet, using up scarce energy resources, and pumping billions of tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, forever changing the future for our children and grandchildren.

People like me should be celebrating the current economic slowdown.

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An anniversary worth marking

Earth Rise - by Astronaut William Anders (Christmas Eve, 1968)
Earth Rise - by Astronaut William Anders (Christmas Eve, 1968)

One of the most significant anniversaries in human history has just passed, with little notice.

Christmas, 1968 – 40 years ago – Apollo 8 was the first manned space vehicle to completely escape the pull of earth’s gravity, travel to and around the moon and return.  This picture – one of the most famous in the world – is called “Earth Rise” – and captures the view as the Apollo spacecraft came out from behind the moon and back into the view of our home planet.

If you’ve seen the Al Gore slide show or his film, ‘Inconvenient Truth’ you will recall that he begins his presentation with this and one other picture of earth from space.  His point – and it’s a very valid one – is that this event, one of the most unique in human history, represented a particular opportunity for us.  For the first time we could see our world from the outside.  We could see how beautiful it is.  We could see how fragile it is.  We began to realize how really small it is compared to the vast, vast universe we were just beginning to discover.

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Welcome and Happy New Year

Welcome to the Our Father’s World blog – oh, and I might as well say ‘Happy New Year!’ at the same time.

In a world that is already crowded with opinions, I’m starting this space with limited objectives.  I don’t think we’ll save the world from this corner of cyberspace – but maybe I can offer an occasional perspective on a topic that concerns me greatly.  I know the process of sharing on these pages will help me sharpen my own thinking.  And perhaps some of you will find the results helpful. And if you do, maybe you’ll occasionally take the time to let me know – or just add your own voice and perspective to what I hope will be a genuine conversation.
About me…
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