It’s Just the Wind

Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson. Click for source.

Some days, it just seems like the universe is out to get me, or is at the least against me.  Often, these feelings of being personally slighted are from an environmental source, such as rain, wind, cold, heat, annoying bugs, annoying birds, et cetera.  And nothing makes me more frustrated than situations or circumstances that I cannot control.  So basically, I get ticked off at God’s creation pretty frequently.

(What a great start to a blog post from a Care of Creation staffer!)

Take, for instance, my bike ride to work Continue reading

Sun Worship in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, courtesy of Lowell Bliss
Rocky Mountain National Park, courtesy of Lowell Bliss

Lowell Bliss’ monthly post.

For seven of the years my family and I lived in Varanasi, India, we resided in a house right on the western banks of the Ganges River.  From our rooftop first thing in the morning, we could look down on the riverfront and witness hundreds, sometimes thousands, of Hindu worshippers bathing in the Ganges.  At some point, they would cup their hands, draw up some water and then pour it in libation to the east from where the sun was rising.  They were in fact worshipping the sun.  I was a good enough cultural anthropologist to know why: the sun is a powerful luminary; it governs so much of life and health.  Studying Hinduism was not my first exposure to sun worship, neither was studying Continue reading

Drought and famine (again)


Originally published July 18, 2011.  Farming God’s Way in Kenya is going strong today, continuing to provide “famine prevention” skills combined with discipleship training.

It has been a year of flood and drought.  This spring’s floods along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers are old news to most of us, as is the ongoing drought in Texas, which is breaking records set as long ago as 1917, long before the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s.   

 But nowhere in the world are things as bad as what is happening in East Africa, not far from where Craig and Tracy Sorley are serving in Kenya. 

 The Worst Drought in 60 Years

“Once More Into the Abyss”.   That’s how the Economist news magazine described the developing drought in Kenya and other East African countries a week or so ago:

BLOATED bellies with stick arms and legs; huge eyes staring out of skeletal heads; gaunt mothers trying to suckle babies on withered breasts. The world thought it might never see such scenes again. Famine in Africa, absent for many years, appeared to have gone the way of diseases for which we now have cures or vaccines. Continue reading

Discovering John Stott’s Special Place

hooksesMy wife Susanna and I recently returned from a four week working trip to the UK. (See my last post). One of the highlights of that visit was a week in Wales staying, just the two of us, at the Hookses,  an old farmhouse and outbuildings purchased by John Stott in 1954.  This was his personal retreat – he wrote all but the last of his books here – and is now a small retreat center. Our stay was a profound experience for me… Continue reading

Climate Change in Kenya: A video conversation

Some colleagues of ours traveled to Kenya a couple of years ago under the auspices of World Renew, the mission arm of the Christian Reformed Church.  It’s taken them some time, but they have recently released a video summary of that trip.  Faces you will see include Craig Sorley, Care of Creation Kenya Director, Raphael Magambo, Director of A Rocha Kenya, John Elwood, publisher of Beloved Planet blog, Cal DeWitt, professor and founder of Au Sable Institute, Peter Vandermeulin, Director of CRC’s Office of Social Justice and a number of local voices from Kenya.  This is worth a few minutes of your time to watch and to pass along to others.  (Link them to this page).

If you would like to support Care of Creation’s ongoing work  in Kenya, you can do so here.

[This is the trailer to the series – find the whole list here.]

A Conversation about God, His Creation and Our Role in Creation