Other Blogs

We have found several other creation care-minded blogs out there, so check them out!

sustainabletraditions.com “A conversation on the ‘whole-life’ Christian Faith and intentional living.”  Excellent articles on food, culture, and current events as they pertain to living holistically.  Creation care is a major theme.  Updated regularly.

wholefaithlivingearth.com Author Nathan Aaberg says, “You’ll regularly find posts about Bible verses, stories, wisdom, and theological threads that relate to God’s relationship to the whole world and how we are called to treat it. Some of what you read and discover may surprise you, both in terms of the degree to which you have not heard or been aware of how bound up nature is with the message and context of the Bible.” Updated regularly.

liverenewed.com Family-centered blog by a mom of several little kids, Emily McClements offers green living tips, several downloads, a book for purchase, and a refreshing look at how families can simplify and renew their lives while caring for creation. Updated frequently.

godspace-msa.com An extension of Mustard Seed Associates, this blog offers thoughts on community gardening as a form of sustainable spiritual practices.  It’s updated multiple times per week.

practicingresurrection.wordpress.com A delightful blog by an eloquent farmer.  It’s very clear that his Christian faith influences the way his family lives and operates their farm.  Updated almost every day!

revivingcreation.org/category/blog  The blog of Reverend Margaret Bullitt-Jonas.  Intellectually rich posts from a woman who deeply understands the Bible and tackles how we should interact with creation.  Updated a few times a month.

notesfromdawn.wordpress.com “With hope, life is just more bearable.” A mix of book and eco-product reviews, along with some more personal posts mixed in.  Updated frequently.

compostingfaith.com An E-magazine with excellent stories that highlight how “It’s about following Jesus and living sustainably.”  Updated weekly.