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Conference To Help Bridge Climate Divide

Regrettably, climate change has become an issue of contention and division along partisan lines.  Yet as a Sojourner’s bumper sticker notes, “God is neither Republican or Democrat” and  in like manner God’s creation, as revealed by science, is neither Republican or Democrat.

Yet, the picture of our world and its climate that science reveals is clear.  Climate change is really happening, really serious, and we can still really do something about it.  The picture of our moral and faith imperative is also clear.  If we love God, love others and care about God’s creation – we should act for the climate and against climate change. Continue reading

Connecting Missions with Climate Action and Creation Care

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Brittany Urbana 2015 booth_smallIt might be too early to tell what God is doing in and through the hearts and minds of over 16,000 college students who participated in the Urbana Missions Conference in St. Louis a few weeks ago. However, I left the conference hopeful for the Church’s participation in the restoration of creation, specifically in addressing climate change. I had the opportunity to exhibit at the conference through my work with Care of Creation and was able to support a range of conversations on creation care and climate action among conference participants.  Continue reading

We have an agreement! Video clips of comments at the final session of COP21

The final agreement, accepted unanimously by 195 or 196 countries (we’ve read both figures) is an historic event, as evidenced by the following brief clips of various dignitaries.

(All from the official UNFCCC video feed, archives of the full comments will be available here later.)

US Secretary of State John Kerry:

UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon:

Francoise Hollande, President of France:

Philippine Delegation (includes a shout-out to the world’s faith communities for their part):

Singapore Delegation:

Katharine Hayhoe: Letter from Paris – A View from the Inside

Katharine Hayhoe and Emily Powell have sent out a brief “Letter from Paris blog post at the Union of Concerned Scientists blog.  Here’s brief excerpt:

Despite—or perhaps even in part due to—these pressures, at the beginning of the second week, with an on-time delivery of preliminary draft outcomes, there are positive indications that COP21 may still produce the international treaty the world needs and demands. Despite the recent tragedy and the oft-discussed existential despair of climate scientists, the air here is hopeful. Delegates, scientists, concerned observers, students, and many other visitors to the vibrant Climate Generations Area are full of energy and optimism. There’s a lot to do and see here; and while outside we know the impacts of climate change continue unchecked, inside hope pervades.

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