About the authors

The Our Father’s World Blog is the work of the staff of Care of Creation Inc.  Two of us (Ed and Brittany) will be doing most of the writing, with occasional contributions from our colleagues Kermit and Andrea.  You can expect each of us to speak in our own unique voices, but to similar themes and concerns, all revolving around this “conversation about God, his creation, and our role in that creation.”

We hope you enjoy the discussion, and add your thoughts to ours!

Here’s a bit about us:

CofC_Staff_2014-18 copyEd Brown: My wife Susanna and I live in Madison WI.  We have four adult children no longer living with us, for which they (and we) are thankful!  I have served Care of Creation Inc. as Executive Director since its founding in 2005.  As Director and CEO, I divide my time between directing the organization, fundraising, and speaking throughout the US and internationally on the topic of Creation Care, as well as directing the creation care efforts of the Lausanne Creation Care Network.

I have written two books that are available on our website or through Amazon:  Our Father’s World: Mobilizing the Church to Care for Creation and When Heaven and Nature Sing: Exploring God’s Goals for His People and His Church, and am available to speak in churches or at your conference or other event.  Send me a note!

CofC_Staff_2014-10 copyAbout Brittany: I grew up in rural Wisconsin but have really loved living in Madison since 2008, when I started college at UW-Madison.  I studied wildlife ecology and bring a scientist’s perspective to my role at Care of Creation.  I joined the team in 2012 as the Special Projects Coordinator, and do a little bit of everything–website management, speaking, and now blog writing.  Oh, and I’m helping out with the Lausanne Creation Care Network, too.


About our organization: Care of Creation Inc. is an environmental missions organization. It was founded in April, 2005, “to pursue a God-centered response to environmental challenges that brings glory to the Creator, advances the cause of Christ, and leads to a transformation of the people and the land that sustains them.” The organization currently has projects on the ground in Kenya, and recently expanded into Tanzania.

Care of Creation seeks to “mobilize the church” in various countries to focus on creation-care as an important part of ministry. Overseas projects include education, tree-planting and agricultural programs.

Would you like to help us out? Like everyone associated with Care of Creation, we live on “support” – that is, our salary is paid entirely by contributions from ordinary people like you.  Your gift makes our work possible.  Click the button to donate to our staff and projects in Kenya, Tanzania, and the USA.  Thank you!


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