Global Day of Prayer for Climate Action: April 5th

Environmental problems are a spiritual struggle…that’s why we pray.

Everything we all need is provided by God’s creation–if we seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.

Join dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals around the globe praying for a unified response to climate change issues.  Even as Christianity is spreading and growing around the world, many still face increasing challenges to their livelihoods and health due to environmental degradation.

Global climate change strengthens severe weather that already threatens the livelihoods of our neighbors in Florida and Bangladesh, Kenya and California.  It increases food and water insecurity that heighten tensions between nations and exacerbates tragedies like what is happening in Syria.  People, created in the image of God, are and will be driven from their homes and even killed by more intense heat waves, hurricanes, and drought.  If we love our neighbors, we must take climate change seriously.  Our faith in God as Creator compels us to care for his creation.

IMG_7433As with any problem, especially ones as politically charged and complex as climate change, we recognize our need to pray.

Join us as we participate in the Global Day of Prayer for Climate Action, Tuesday April 5th.

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  • Pray with your small group, your friends, your congregation and encourage them to join in
  • Connect with the Global Day of Prayer for Climate Action on Facebook orTwitter and use the #Pray4Climate hashtag

Check out the Global Day of Prayer for Climate Action website for more information and climate prayer resources.

If you’re in the Madison, Wisconsin area, please join us for a prayer walk on Sunday, April 10th (we chose to have our event on the weekend instead of on the day of primary elections) at Pheasant Branch Conservancy.  More details and to let us know you’re coming are HERE.