Nudged by the late afternoon sun

A friend of Care of Creation is fulfilling the dream of a lifetime – traveling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. ┬áHe recently posted this brief, powerful observation.

The late afternoon sun is warming the day’s cool breeze brought by the morning clouds. As the tra
in clickety-clacks on it’s way to Ulaanbataar, my eyes draw me out the window to a surprising sparkle and glistening as the country side rolls by. At first I wonder. Does no one else see this sparkling treasure? Surely if the train would stop we’d all rush to get our share!

Ah… But upon closer observation the sparkle and glitter turns out to be not treasure but a kind of “fools gold”. As the glitter and glistening fades, it reveals it’s true nature, if not it’s owners, who have so carelessly left it behind.

It’s millions, if not more, of broken bottles and plastic bags, scattered for mile after mile. Once useful items that were used by their owners and then wantonly discarded with no thought to human, bird, or planet. Once used and now abused, these items literally (with pun intended) scar, not only the beauty of this generations landscape, but for far too many more to come.

And this is not only true for the landscape here but around the depths and heights of the world and of the oceans that wrap around it. Suddenly, I am reminded of my complicity as an individual. What do I do differently?

Oh, yes, I reduce and I reuse and recycle. Are there other things for me to consider that may in the end encourage others to respect this good creation by my personal actions? Remembering that the creator has gifted this earth not only to us but to the future generations with whom we share this wonder.

Ponder your own walk from day to day. Not that you should be filled with guilt or shame, but simply and clearly be nudged to take better care of the treasure we all share.

–Adolf Quast

The “tourist” view…

or how things really are?

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