For Such a Time as This: Evangelical Community Launches Climate Change Action Group

Climate Caretakers officially launches today, August 11, 2015 under the auspices of several Christian organizations, including Care of Creation. It channels growing concern among Evangelicals and other Christians about climate change. Those logo-climate-caretakersof us on the Climate Caretakers Steering Commitee have felt compelled by an Esther-like sense that we have been called together “for such a time as this” to call others together …perhaps including you… for such a time as this.

Strikingly this time features significant developments in the world of creation care. First, the papal encyclical Laudato Si released in June to articulate a vision on caring for our common home, the earth, with worship, humility and love. Then, the third in a series of Lausanne Creation Care Network global regional conferences – Creation Care

Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist, presents at "Creation Care and the Church: Hope in a Time of Crisis", Gordon College, July, 2015
Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist, presents at “Creation Care and the Church: Hope in a Time of Crisis”, Gordon College, July, 2015

and the Church: Hope in a Time of Crisis – convened in July to inspire, transform and mobilize Christians from across Canada and the US to care for creation (see links to articles about the conference and Climate Caretakers below).

Founding organizations for Climate Caretakers from across the country in addition to Care of Creation include Houghton College, Micah Challenge USA, Lausanne Creation Care Network, and Sojourners. Representatives cite climate change’s increasing negative impact on the world and especially the economically disadvantaged as driving their efforts .

“The time for silence on climate change within the church has passed.  No longer simply a political or even a scientific issue, climate change is now a moral imperative that the church must respond to,” said Brian Webb, of Houghton College and Climate Caretakers Steering Committee Chair, “Ultimately, we are motivated by love–God’s love for us and our love for our global neighbors.”

The evidence is heartbreaking. Our planet groans from climate change and the resulting disasters of extreme weather events, heat waves, droughts, floods, forest fires and more. Increasingly climate experts trace these challenges to humanity’s unrelenting fossil fuel us. At such a time as this, if any group has an obligation to take action, to care for creation and in particular to care for the climate, it is we Christians.

Supporters of this initiative include people of faith such as Bob Inglis, former congress person from South Carolina and now advocate for climate change action as well as Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, renowned climate scientist and Rev. Dave Bookless, Director of Theology for international Christian creation care non-profit A Rocha.

Climate Change is amongst the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced and impacts every part of God’s creation – particularly the most vulnerable people and habitats,” said Rev. Bookless, “The scientific evidence is clear, as is the need for urgent and decisive action by individuals, communities, businesses and governments. I am delighted to be part of the Climate Caretakers community in committing to do all I can to address this urgent moral issue.”

For such a time as this you may be reading this and may be called to make the Climate Caretakers Commitment. We on the Climate Caretakers Steering Committee invite you to consider doing so and committing to ongoing effort to bring climate change under control. For such a time as this you may join this community of prayer and action to address this challenge and spread the word about caring for the climate.

(For more context and coverage on Climate Caretakers as well as the Lausanne Creation Care Network “Creation Care and the Church: Hope in a Time of Crisis” Conference held at Gordon College, Wenham, MA and co-organized by Care of Creation, please see our previous post.