Folks are already testifying…

I am clearly excited for the conference to begin. Photo by Amy Brown.

As many of you know, we just successfully completed the Canada and United States Creation Care and the Gospel conference in  collaboration with the Lausanne Creation Care Network, Care of Creation, and A Rocha International.

A number of conference-goers are already making known the impact of this gathering through op-eds, reflections, and articles:

While we let the dust settle in the Care of Creation office, please check out the above links and let us know if you encounter more stories of people who gained something special while at the conference.  

Better yet, challenge yourself, your small group bible study, or your congregation to consider signing on with Climate Caretakers, a new group for those seeking “a Christian community committed to action on climate change.”  They officially launch TOMORROW, August 11th.  

The whole group. Photo by Amy Brown


Praying together. Photo by Amy Brown


Learning from an excellent science communicator, climate scientist, and evangelical Christian, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. Photo by Amy Brown.


Planetary boundaries illustrate in a unique way the reasons Christians must take stewardship seriously. Dr. Dorothy Boorse of Gordon College walked us through some of the implications of planetary boundaries. Photo by Amy Brown.

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