2015 is going to be a very big year for creation care

Happy New Year!2015 may turn out to be one of the most important years in recent history for the environmental movement, for the evangelical creation care movement, and for us and our organization, Care of Creation.  Here’s what’s happening:

There are a lot of significant anniversaries to celebrate:

  • The 45th anniversary of the celebration of Earth Day comes in April.
  • Personally, it will be 15 years since I joined Au Sable Institute and moved from a traditional ministry framework into what we then called Christian environmental stewardship, now commonly referred to as creation care.
  • And this year marks 10 years since Craig Sorley and I started Care of Creation in April 2005.  We had a modest goal of promoting “environmental missions” that quickly became a passion to mobilize the worldwide church for creation care.  Now, thanks to the prayers and financial support of many of you, we are leading a global effort to do just that.  (We’ll be having a birthday party in Madison on April 18 – mark the date, and plan to join us!)

A Full Calendar
Anniversaries are about looking back.  We’re really more interested in what’s ahead.    There are a number of major events coming up that will mark significant progress in the creation care movement and the culmination of efforts that have been in the works for a long time.  Here’s a list of a few of them.   We at Care of Creation are directly involved in a number of these (look for the * in the list below) and we need your prayers and would love your financial support to make these things happen (It’s not too late to get a donation in for 2015 by using the online form or postmarking your donation today.)

Creation Care Events Happening in 2015

*Starred events are those that we are planning and hosting ourselves.


  • Our Father’s World Seminar* in Waterloo, Ontario (Toronto area) March 20-21, 2015 This is a two-day (Friday evening, Saturday) presentation of the seminar that has been presented in many parts of the US and other countries as well. Click to request information about how to join us!


  • Care of Creation’s 10 year anniversary*  We’ll be marking ten years of seeking to mobilize the church to care for God’s creation with a party in Madison WI on April 18.  Cal DeWitt will be our featured speaker, and we’ll be sharing stories and images from the last 10 years, thanking God for his grace and provision, and looking ahead to what he might have in store for us in the next ten years.
  • Earth Day #45 will take place around the world on April 22.  Watch for events in your community on or about that date, and participate!  Earth Day, coming as it does close to Easter every year, is a wonderful opportunity for the Christian creation care movement to connect with the rest of the human race around something we all care for.


  • The Lausanne Creation Care Network’s Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel East and Central Africa Conference* in Nairobi, May 17-21.  This conference will be serving the countries of East and Central Africa. Invitations are available, along with some financial help for those coming from outside of Kenya.
  • Regent College Pastors Conference:  Holy Ground: Answering God’s Call to Creation Care (May 5-8, Vancouver BC). Regent College has long been a leader in creation care.  This is their annual pastor’s conference, and will feature such speakers as Chris Wright, Katharine Hayhoe, and Peter Harris.  I will be sharing an update on the Global Campaign as well.


  • A Rocha International Leader’s Forum in Portugal.  Though this is not being billed as an anniversary celebration, it is being held where A Rocha got its start three decades ago, and be a significant event for our partner organization.


  • LCCN Global Campaign Canada and US Conference* at Gordon College near Boston, July 27-31.  This event will celebrate the progress that has been made in these two countries over the last several decades, and will be a springboard for the work that remains.  Invitation lists are now being compiled and space is very limited.  If you are interested in participating, or would like to suggest someone to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.


  • LCCN Global Campaign Latin America Conference* will be held in Cusco, Peru, September 7 to 12.  This is a regional conference like the others; space is limited and some financial assistance will be available  This conference will be conducted primarily in Spanish and Portuguese.  Let us know if you are interested in an invitation or would like to suggest someone  to attend.
  • The Micah Triennial Global Consultation with the theme of Integral Mission and Shalom will be held in Lima Peru  September 14 – 18.  Micah is “a global Christian community of organisations and individuals committed to integral mission.”  The interest in creation care by Micah leadership represents a major step forward for the creation care movement.
  • This isn’t an event to attend, but a news item to watch for:  Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical at the UN General Assembly in September.  Francis is one of the most active Popes in memory, and his address to his global flock is likely to be a game changer.


  • Finally, COP21 in Paris is the next meeting of United Nations members to consider policy and agreements designed to address the problem of climate change and global warming.  After major breakthroughs this year at COP20 in Lima, hopes are high for a major new advance at the Paris meetings.  Christians all over the world are already starting to discuss how to participate and how to influence these meetings.  If you want information or would like to participate in some of these early discussions, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with people in your area if we know of any.

Yes, it’s going to be a busy year.  We hope you’ll be part of it, at one of these events or by being faithful right where you are!