Announcing: NAE Creation Care Video Contest

Attention, Students!

If you…

  • Have an interest in caring for God’s creation
  • Can put together a video
  • Could use a thousand dollars

Then Listen up!

A creation care video contest has just been announced.  Here’s the blurb:

The idea is simple… make a video; upload it as instructed by December 10; collect and cash the check (*IF you’re good enough, of course!)

Note that this contest has been designed for groups as well as individuals – submit a video on behalf of your campus InterVarsity chapter, or your campus green club or just you and your roommate.

Here’s the Facebook group link – go ahead and Like it and Share it with others.  While you’re at it, give this post a +1 on Google Plus to spread the word further.

The famous Ben Lowe of EEN is behind this project.  Contact him at ben [AT] if you have questions. [Care of Creation is a cosponsor of this contest.]

Here’s some additional information including upload instructions:

Some ideas to get you started

  • Conserving our resources
  • Reducing energy usage
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Generating renewable energy
  • Promoting humane treatment of animals
  • Cleaning up the air, water, and landscape, and making changes that will prevent or reduce pollution
  • Encouraging enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of God’s creation
  • Creatively supporting good public policies on environmental stewardship
  • Preserving famland and wilderness areas
  • Promoting healthy and diverse food supply
  • Protecting endangered species


First Place: $1,000 for individual winner; $2,000 for the group winner
Second Place: $500/individual; $1,000/group

Third Place: $250/individual; $500/group

Special Mentions (up to 3): $100/individual; $200/group

Contest runs from Oct. 1 to Dec. 10

Submit Your Video

1. Create a YouTube login at
2. Search for the NAE Channel (theNAEvideos).
3. Send the NAE Channel a message through YouTube containing your video. Also include your name/group name, phone number, email address, and group members’ ages and dates of birth.
4. Videos for the college contest can be submitted to the NAE YouTube Channel from Oct. 1 to Dec. 10.  Videos will not be accepted outside of those time brackets.
5. The NAE will notify you or your group of the results by email.

Criteria for Judging

1. Creativity, design of video and style
2. Originality of approach and biblical message
3. Clear understanding of concepts

Contest Rules

  • All entrants must be 18-25 years old to participate.
  • All entrants must agreed to the statement below.*
  • Video must be about creation care and should include a biblical basis for stewarding God’s creation. The video could include a current project, future project idea, or a creative representation of “creation care” ideas or challenges.
  • Video should be at least 30 seconds, but under 3 minutes.
  • Inappropriate content will not be allowed.**
  • Videos for the college contest can be submitted to the NAE YouTube Channel from Oct. 1 to Dec. 10. Videos will not be accepted outside of those time brackets.

Any questions?  Email the NAE office.

*By submitting a video, I certify that I have read the Rules and agree to adhere to them. All videos must be the original work of the Entrant and not infringe on the rights of a third party.  All people participating in the video must be participating with their knowledge and be willing to sign a Declaration and Release Form. Any video submitted may be used or reproduced by the NAE without further consent. I agree to release any rights to the video to the NAE.

Before being declared a winner, the selected Entrants will be required to sign a Declaration and Release form stating that he/she has read, understood and complied with these Rules, grants all consents required as contemplated in these Rules, authorizes the Contest Operator and/or their promotional agents to broadcast, publish and disseminate his/her name, address, photograph, likeness and voice, in connection with any promotion or publicity, and/or for general news, entertainment and information purposes at no compensation to the winner, except the prize as awarded and confirming the release described in the following sentence. By entering this Contest, each entrant hereby releases the Contest Operator and its operating divisions, affiliated corporations and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all liability of any kind arising out of the entrant’s participation in this Contest and, if applicable, receipt and use of the prize. Winners will be declared from the final pool of qualified entries, pending the receipt of signed Declarations and Release forms.

The Contest Operator assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever arising from or in any way related to this Contest or the acceptance or use of the prizes awarded or for tampering, theft, defects, viruses, human errors including gross negligence, deletions, technical or telephone problems, undeliverable messages, computer errors, lost, misdirected, late or incomplete entries or for any online difficulties that may result in damage or malfunction the computer or the failure of the Contest Operator to process any entry and otherwise award any prize.

The Contest Operator is the National Association of Evangelicals.  The decision of the contest judges will be a final decision by the Contest Operator.
**The NAE reserves the right to not post a video to its YouTube Channel or to remove a video and/or comment from the channel if the NAE deems it inappropriate in any way.