A look back at Care of Creation in 2010

My day job is leading our efforts at Care of Creation as we seek to ‘mobilize the church toward a God-centered response to the environmental crisis.’  2010 was quite an eventful year for us.  Here’s my Director’s letter that was mailed to our constituents recently.  If you would like to be on the list to receive such letters by email, please sign up here.  And as always, we appreciate your support by donation or by helping us plant trees in Kenya.

Dear  Friends,

As we come to the end of another year, we want to thank you for your interest in and your partnership with us in our work of mobilizing the church toward a God-centered response to the environmental crisis that is engulfing the world.

This year marked our 5th anniversary as an organization, and it started off with lots of challenges:  We had some major problems in our Kenya project.  Money was tight.  We soon learned that the house that Craig and Tracy Sorley had been living in for seven years was about to be sold, putting not only their housing but the entire project in jeopardy.  Several staff were experiencing health issues.

But you prayed.  God heard. And looking back we can say that 2010 was one of the most exciting years we have experienced as a ministry:

  • The problems with the Kenya project were resolved. It was not easy or pleasant, but we came through with a strong sense of unity as a team.  By the end of the year, God had led us to some new board members for Kenya and a relationship with an organizational consultant – Reuben Nzuki,  a man blessed by God with just the kind of gifts we need right now.
  • The housing and project site situation led us to a new site, new partners, new opportunities.  Craig sprained his ankle; while being treated, he started a conversation with an administrator from Moffatt Bible College in Kijabe.  One thing led to another, with the result that Moffatt offered us housing, land for a new tree nursery, and a long-term partnership.  Care of Creation Kenya moved n August:  Many of you sent special gifts, and as I write to you new Farming God’s Way plots are already producing and the tree nursery is taking shape.
  • In the US and other countries, we are seeing an upsurge of interest in our work.  An invitation to participate in Cape Town 2010 is leading to requests for assistance around the world, from Sudan and Uganda to the Philippines and Thailand.
  • Doors are opening for new work in other countries in East Africa. How does Care of Creation Rwanda sound?  It’s too soon to share details, but you will be hearing about some exciting new developments as God makes it possible for us to expand on five years of faithful ministry by Care of Creation Kenya.
  • Our organizational finances are the best they’ve been in the history of the organization.  This doesn’t mean they’re great – we still need you! – but,  praise God,  we had enough funds at the right times to do what needed to be done when it needed doing.

So, a big Thank You to all those of you who have made our ministry part of yours, by praying and by giving.  Please don’t stop!  Care of Creation is a few people standing on the shoulders of many others – your support makes our work possible.

In particular, please pray with us:

  • Staff health, particularly for Tracy Sorley and Susanna Brown, remains a major concern. We have good doctors in both cases – we need your prayer for victory in each of these cases.
  • Financial support for monthly operations is needed both in Kenya and in the US.  We could double our staff and have plenty of work left over if we had the financial resources to do so.  And while some of our needs are met by occasional grants and larger gifts, the bulk of our giving still comes from people sending $50 or $100 month by month by month.  (Click here to help answer this prayer!)
  • Larger donations will be needed for a permanent house for Sorleys in Kijabe (approximately $100,000) and a project office (maybe $50,000) within the next two years.  It’s a big challenge, but no bigger than what we have seen God do already.

Beyond praying, here are some other ways you can continue to be involved with us in 2011 and beyond:

  • Buy a Christmas Tree for Kenya – or 10 – and make Care of Creation part of your gift-giving this year! Once again we are offering the opportunity for you to give a gift of trees through our project in Kenya.  Click here and fill out the form to plant 10, 50 or 100 trees at $1.25 per tree.  There is a gift card option – we’ll send your loved one a card from you.
  • Sign up for our e-newsletters, if you have not done so.  Click here to sign up for a general Care of Creation Newsletter and/or individual staff newsletters.  We are trying to move as many of you as possible to electronic communication – it’s a lot cheaper, and with this system you can manage your own subscription.  But contact us if you have trouble!
  • Send a donation in support of one of our staff members, our project in Kenya or to be used ’where needed most’. You can use the enclosed form or go online to make a donation through our website (http://www.careofcreation.net/give) using your credit card or PayPal.  [Donations are tax-deductible.]

Thank you again for being part of our work.

In Him,

Ed and Susanna Brown, Madison WI
Fred and Stacey Gluck, Madison WI
Craig and Tracy Sorley, Kijabe Kenya
and our Kenyan project staff!