Urbana Dispatch – Final: Foundation for a Movement?

All done!

Three months of planning, writing, praying and creativity and now, a bit of rest before we get into 2010.

The first day of the new year of 2010, was spent driving back to Madison, WI from St. Louis, MO where we had spent the previous week with about 13,000 students and 3,000 other attendees both experiencing — and in some ways helping to shape — the future of missions in the US.

Besides presenting 4 creation care seminars (to a total of about 150 people) and speaking to another 200 or so students at our booth, we hosted a breakfast for 50 leaders from various missions organizations where we presented the concept and the critical need for blending environmental missions into the “traditional” missions activities that these organizations are doing.

We also had many amazing opportunities to talk about what we are doing in Kenya and what we think needs to be done in both local and global missions, as well as being able advise many students how they can blend their love for God and His creation with their chosen profession of environmental care.

What we were able to do at Urbana 09 was all about laying a strong foundation for this “movement” called environmental missions and creation care. From here on out, our job (you and us as partners) is to continue to pray, continue to spread the word in our churches and continue to support this work.

And finally, we, at Care of Creation want to thank you for helping all of us at Care of Creation, Au Sable, Renewal and Eden Vigil reach students that are seriously thinking and praying about how they can blend their desire for caring for God’s creation with their desire to spread the gospel.

Here’s wishing you a blessed 2010.

For all of us in the Care of Creation family,

Fred Gluck